Viewing Log Files

Viewing the System Logs (commands that you type are in bold)

WARNING: The following are UNIX commands that are going to areas that Apple would prefer most users to stay out of. If you are not comfortable with the procedures shown below, then do not do this. These commands will let you view the log but will not change the data.

Open the Terminal program while OS X is running. When it opens, you will need to change directories in order to view the various log files. Type in the following command:

[localhost] smack% cd /var/log

Your command prompt line should now look like this if you typed in the command correctly.

[localhost:/var/log] smack%

To view the directory of files, type in "ls" without the quotes

[localhost:/var/log] smack% ls

You will now see the directory of these log files. If you wish to view one of them, type in the following as a example:

[localhost:/var/log] smack% more system.log

If you see the log file name that you are looking at bottom of the screen with a percentage, this just means there is more to view. Hit the space bar to page down.

Shown below is a view of my system log along with the commands that I entered highlighted in blue.

These various logs can be a great troubleshooting tool if you are patient and can understand what you are looking at.


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